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Social Media Management
Video Production
2D/3D Animation
Graphic Design
Package Design
Giveaway Campaign Branding

Ananas Impex.png

The company "Ananas" first started in 1930, to become a company in 1975 for the cultivation and production of red pepper. At first the drying was done in simple ovens, then the grinding and finally, the final product was put in simple packaging, while the transport and sale were done in all markets of Kosovo but also in the region in the already disintegrated state. Ananas Impex products are a product of our blessed Earth. We have taken care to add even more value to what we collect. It all started with red pepper, which is a leader in our market and beyond. To encourage us to approach plant-based products that are the theme of our cuisine.


Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media.

Giveaway Branding Campaign.

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