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Package Design
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Video Production
3D Animations
Graphic Design
Web Development

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Alb Tech was founded in May 2013. Although recently established Alb Tech aims to offer new products for the domestic and foreign market. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of trade, and experience our company today extends throughout the territory of Kosovo Alb Tech together with its partners, represent a success for the domestic market and throughout the region thanks to high quality, innovation offered and correctness maximum. "
"Alb Tech thanks to modern machinery and high quality of raw materials today offers door panels with a high range of colors and patterns and an undisputed quality. Alb Tech products combine QUALITY, DESIGN and PROTECTION in a single product. Thanks Its program for continuous development always aims to offer quality, innovation and new models "


3D Animations.

2D Animation.

Graphic Design, Package Design.

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